North Clackamas Children’s Choir


The North Clackamas Children’s Choir (NCCC) was established in the summer of 1994 by John & Sandra Baker, beginning as a children’s choir day camp with 24 singers. The week long camp peaked much community interest and support. Soon the choir was offered through the North Clackamas Community Education program as a
year-long class. The NCCC Summer Camps continued to be well attended, inspiring the introduction of a Winter Camp concept in January 2008. Another popular event is our biannual trip to Disneyland, where the Choir performs on the Carnation Plaza Stage, along with other special privileges. By the Fall of 2007, the North Clackamas School District had dissolved their Community Education program. Still, the NCC Choirs continued to be active, mostly by tradition and “word of mouth”.

We now join the “space age” and are available online. With this “environmentally friendly” move, we will no longer be sending out registration forms for distribution in the local schools. All registration materials will be
available online in pdf form. If you would like a hard copy, simply call or email and we will gladly get one to you.

*The North Clackamas Children’s Choir is currently on a long term hiatus.  We hope to bring it back in the future.  03/3/2014

Thank you,
John & Sandy Baker

Registration 09-10